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Hidden behind beautiful furnishings in a tightly sealed office, there are all sorts of dangers – formaldehyde and benzene fumes released from building materials, furniture and carpeting; ozone from copying machines; fumes from cleaning solvents; radon and second-hand cigarette smoke etc. These are toxics and will endanger your life. more>>





We aim to create a conducive environment where people will feel better and healthier. Our well-trained, experienced and motivated staff are constantly looking for more efficient ways to meet our customers’ needs.



Nature of Business


At Duwasa, we rent out our Luwasa Hydroculture plant growth system and provide weekly servicing of the plants on a contractual basis to various establishments.

We also have outright sales of our Luwasa system, with monthly or yearly plant maintenance contract packed together.


Other than the above, we can also provide interior and exterior landscaping services that include design, implementation, consultation and maintenance service contracts.

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